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Are your employees a health and safety issue? Here's how you'll know

by , 14 July 2014
Not all accidents happen because of old equipment or poor working conditions. Some happen because of the people involved. All it takes is one person who doesn't follow the health and safety rules. Next thing you know he bumped someone else into a machine and now his arm is caught in the machinery.

This is the type of situation where your employees are the health and safety risk. Their behaviour is the hardest to predict and it can be impossible to prevent the accidents they cause.

The first step to stopping your employees from causing accidents is to do a risk assessment to determine how they cause them...

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Employees that don't follow the health and safety rules are a risk

If you have an employee that doesn't follow your health and safety rules, that person is a massive health and safety risk. 
The rules are there to protect them and the people around them. If they ignore them it's easy for them to do something irresponsible. 
You need to deal with these employees fast! But first you must find out who they are and how they cause accidents.
To discover this information look for this risky behaviour during your risk assessment...
Use your risk assessment to look for this risky behaviour
Look for anyone who:
- Won't wear their PPE;
- Ignores warning signs;
- Doesn't follow safety procedures during their work;
- Acts the fool;
- Ignores instructions from the safety officer;
- Doesn't follow instructions about how to use machinery safely;
- Disregards another employee's health and safety; and
- Who behaves in a way that suggests he finds accidents amusing.
Anyone that displays this kind of behaviour could cause a serious workplace accident. You should counsel this employee and try each an understanding about the health and safety rule. If he still doesn't listen you must discipline him.
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Are your employees a health and safety issue? Here's how you'll know
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