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Are your safety checks taking too long? Here's how to do a risk assessment in ten minutes

by , 08 April 2014
Risk assessments are vital to the safety of your employees and they take up a lot of time. Here are some important tips you can use to do your risk assessments in ten minutes or less.

The three pieces of information you need for every risk assessment
The task that takes up the most time when doing a risk assessment is finding the information that you need. To eliminate this time waster, you need to keep all of your information on hand and easily assessable. 
According to Health and Safety Advisor, you should always keep records such as a detailed map of the different jobs or tasks done in the area. You need a record of all the tasks making up the construction. You also need records of who does what where. Included in this should be the kinds of possibly dangerous equipment and substances they may work with. With these on hand, you won't have to spend weeks compiling the information that you need. 
This information enables to you to go into a workplace observation with a list of the possible hazards to look for. According to Forum of Private Business a hazard is anything that can cause harm. You also need be able to prioritise the possible hazards in a risk assessment. 
This way, you won't waste time on lower level hazards or things that most likely won't happen. The faster you can do this kind of risk analysis the better. Pinpoint hazards quickly and you can move to the next step of the risk assessment. 
It's a legal requirement. You must identify hazards and assess risks in your company
The final step in your safety management process
This final step you need to take is to understand the risks attached to each hazard. One hazard may have a few risks that can come from it. For example, a piece of machinery may overheat and burn someone and it could trap a body part. One hazard, two risks. 
Getting the information you need is the longest part of the process. By already having these records on hand, you should be able to do a risk assessment itself in ten minutes or less. Forward thinking and organisation can help shorten your safety management process. 

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Are your safety checks taking too long? Here's how to do a risk assessment in ten minutes
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