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Avoid a factory fire tragedy with these tips

by , 16 August 2013
Fire hazards have made the news again. A massive explosion in Kempton Park last week is just the latest incident. A car crashed into a factory storing flammable liquids. Find out how to prevent this kind of tragedy in your workplace...

News24 reports that a car accident in Kempton Park, Johannesburg caused a massive factory fire. "Balls of fire [shot] a hundred metres into the night sky," said Netcare 911 spokesperson Chris Botha.
The cars veered off the road at an intersection and crashed into the flammable liquid store of a factory, which burst into flames.
What if that had been your factory? Is your flammable liquid store safe and secure?
You must store flammable liquids responsibly
You never know what kind of random tragedy or accident could befall your business. That's why you've always got to expect the unexpected. Strange things are bound to happen from time to time.
The Health and Safety Advisor suggests having a fire safety specialist look over your current or proposed flammable liquid storage space. A professional can point out hazards that you might overlook.
For example, having a flammable liquid store facing a busy road is a hazard. That's what happened in Kempton Park. An ordinary road collision became a disaster.

If you can't help placing your flammable liquids store by a busy road, you can still protect your business. Make sure there is a strong, reinforced boundary wall to protect the flammable liquid store from the hazards of traffic accidents.
Since most traffic accidents happen at night, it might be wise to place reflective tape or markings on the walls of your flammable liquid store. This is especially important if your premises is not located in a well-lit area.
With these safety tips in mind, you can avoid a Kempton Park tragedy from falling on your business.

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Avoid a factory fire tragedy with these tips
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