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Conduct a risk assessment today or you'll be contravening the OHSA if office bullies cause workplace accidents...

by , 18 March 2013
American schools constantly face the risk of students being injured in shootings, as more and more victims of bullying take revenge. Whether for safety or not, allowing employees to bring weapons into the office can result in similar tragic consequences from workplace accidents, whether planned or not. That's why you need to conduct a risk assessment on weapons brought into the office today!

The school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December has finally made American schools rethink their weapons policies.
Certain schools now require their principals to carry guns. 
And schools without gun-toting employees have to commission school safety officers, says the Miami Herald
While having a similar 'safety officer' on guard is a great way to keep criminals out of your office, are you doing all you can to keep your employees safe from weapons they bring in themselves?
You should be, because the bulk of workplace safety injuries happen by accident.
Are you prepared for the following workplace accidents?
Picture it: Your employee pulls out his pocket knife to peel an apple in the kitchen, trips and ends up stabbing a co-worker.  
Or an employee working the night shift brings her pistol in with her – only to end up shooting the security guard when he scares her while doing his rounds. 
Luckily, you can avoid these workplace accidents by making it clear from the outset that employees are not allowed to bring weapons into the workplace at all.
Conduct a risk assessment to protect your employees from weapon-related violence today!
If you're worried that an employee is considering bringing in weapons to exact revenge in the office, you should conduct a risk assessment immediately to prevent workplace accidents.
It's the easiest way you'll be in the all-clear with your Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) obligations.
Because this'll make sure you're prepared for the specific type of violence that leads to workplace accidents, says the Ready website.
Luckily, there're certain risk factors to watch for that instantly signal violent behaviour.
Risk factors that may signal violent behaviour and workplace accidents are on the way…
If any of your employees are regularly 'intimidating, belligerent, harassing, bullying, or other inappropriate and aggressive behaviour that causes fear for personal safety,' or if they make sudden irrational, bizarre comments that leave other employees feeling threatened, take note and ask if they need help, says the FSA website.
By identifying any such workplace accident risk factors, you'll be able to better recognise and control any safety risks in your company and save costs by being proactive instead of reactive, says the Health and Safety Advisor.
Simple as that.

Turn to your Health and Safety Advisor and read all about the different risk assessment models you can use for your business.  

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Conduct a risk assessment today or you'll be contravening the OHSA if office bullies cause workplace accidents...
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