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Consider these seven risk sources when you do your next risk assessment

by , 20 June 2014
You're busy running a company. You have a hundred things you need to do. And on top of your to-do list today, is a risk assessment.

You may have cleared your whole day just for this because you expect it to take hours. You have to watch everyone and look for any possible hazards and risks. But you know it's an important part of your risk management plan so you do it.

But it doesn't have to take this long as you think. If you know the sources of possible risks, you can make streamline your assessment. Read on and discover the seven risk sources you must look for...

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Look for these sources of the risk during your next assessment

According to Labourguide.co.za, there are seven risk sources you must look for during your risk assessment
1. The operational risks of the equipment your employees use
Look for equipment that doesn't have many safety guards. Also look for machinery with moving parts or is a fire danger.
2. Work environment and the layout of your premises 
Look for hazards such as: 
- Hazardous surfaces such as slippery floors or sharp corners;
- Elevated work areas; and
- Small or cramped work spaces.
3. The electrical components in your workplace
4. If your employees are exposed to harmful substances
Can your employees inhale, ingest or absorbe anything that may make them very sick?
5. Exposure to physical agents
Is there exposure to radiation, lasers, ultrasounds or vibrations?
6. Exposure to biological agents
Is there exposure to toxins or micro-organisms?
7. The working climate
Is there proper lighting in your workplace? Do you control the temperature and humidity? Is there any pollution in the workplace?
If you can go straight for the source, you'll be able to implement better risk management.

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Consider these seven risk sources when you do your next risk assessment
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