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Construction sites are full of fatal risks, here's how to spot them and stop them

by , 17 September 2014
Construction sites are up there with mines and factories as some of the most dangerous places to work. The nature of the work your employees do on your construction site opens them up to all sorts of dangers.

They could fall from scaffolding, have a hand tool cut them, or have something fall on their head.

You can help protect your employees from these risks though. You just need to spot them and stop them first...


Here's how to SPOT construction site risks

If you want to spot all the construction site risks that put your employees in danger, you must do a risk assessment.
This will help you determine where the dangers on your construction site are.
You must get your health and safety representative involved and do a workplace observation. During this observation, identify risks that come from your employees, their work, the environment, the equipment and other external factors that could cause your employees to have accidents.
This will help you determine what safety precautions you need to put in place. That's the next step...
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Take your findings to a health and safety committee meeting and discuss possible safety precautions and STOP accidents before they happen

You must discuss your findings with your health and safety committee. Together you must decide what safety precautions will be best to protect your employees.
You must consider the types of risk. For example, is it a falling risk, fire risk, environmental risk or electrical risk?
Then you must determine the risk level. For example, an electrical risk that'll only give mild shocks has a lower risk level to a risk that'll cause fatal shocks.
By determining these two factors, you can ensure you put the right safety precautions in place. This is the best way to ensure your employees are safe from all those construction site risks.

PS: We strongly recommend you check out the Risk Assessment Guide. It has everything you need to ensure your risk assessments are 100% legally compliant

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Construction sites are full of fatal risks, here's how to spot them and stop them
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