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Create an event emergency plan or your office Christmas party could end in disaster

by , 27 October 2014
So you're planning an office Christmas function. You have 200 employees and their partners attending. You've chosen the menu and the décor is all ready.

But there's something very important you forgot to do.

Whenever you have an event, you must create an emergency plan for it, whether it's in your office or an outside venue. After all, disasters don't just happen during working hours and your employees' safety is your responsibility at a work function.

So before you choose a DJ, first create your emergency plan by following these seven steps...


Seven steps to easily create an event emergency plan 

Step #1: Go back to your baseline risk assessment of your venue
If you host an event at a venue you're familiar with, you'll have a baseline risk assessment on record. A baseline risk assessment will give you all the information you need to get started. 
If you host an event at a venue you haven't used before, you'll have to do a baseline risk assessment first. 
Step #2: Use your baseline risk assessment to do on event-specific risk assessment
Your event-specific risk assessment must include every possible thing that can go wrong. You need to plan for all the possible incidents and list what emergency response is required for each incident. Your risk assessment should also include possible injuries to all employees and visitors. 
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Step #3: Compile a complete attendance list of all your employees, contractors, etc. on site
You need to know how many people are on site at all times. You'll also use this attendance sheet to do a roll call at the emergency assembly points if disaster strikes
Step #4: Create your responsibility list, and include who, what, which area, where and when 
You must also include everyone's contact numbers and a list of who'll be second-in-command in case your evacuation leader gets injured.
Step #5: Create a list of ALL emergency numbers and include it into your plan
Step #6: List all communication methods you'll use during the event
List what devices you'll use as communication, (e.g. two-way radios, cell phones) and whether communications must go via a control room, etc.
Step #7: You'll have different parts of your emergency plan to implement at different times
Ensure you clearly indicate these on your emergency plan.
It's easy to create an event emergency plan, so create yours now so your employees will be safe at your next office party.
For more on emergency planning for events, check out the Health and Safety Advisor.

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Create an event emergency plan or your office Christmas party could end in disaster
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