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Do a health risk assessment before any team-building activity!

by , 11 March 2013
Team-building activities are a great way to strengthen your employees' relationships. But if you do an activity outdoors, there's a whole new set of health hazards to worry about. Take the 44 pre-primary school children who were stung by bees at the Bunny Park in Benoni this weekend as an example of some of the unexpected dangers your employees can face outside your workplace. Here's how to do a health risk assessment before a team-building activity and what to do if your first aid kit isn't nearby when disaster strikes...

As if there weren't enough health hazards to watch for in the workplace, you open yourself up to a whole new area of accidents and safety incidents if you take your employees on a team-building activity outdoors. 
For example, the young children attacked by a swarm of bees at the bunny park this weekend were just waiting for a bus to collect them after an outing, says iAfrica
And bites and insect stings are just a few of the health hazards you'll need to protect your employees against if they're outdoors, says FSP Business
So if your employees are going to be in the outdoors for any reason, remember to do a full health risk assessment beforehand.
Here's what to include in a health risk assessment if your employees will be outdoors 
Your health risk assessment should cover any potential health hazards in nature like bees and wasps, and even sunburn.
It's also a good idea to find out if your employees have any allergies, like insect stings or even certain types of food they could accidentally eat, so that you can prevent any health and safety incidents. 
Take a well-stocked first aid kit along for any teambuilding activity
And remember to go prepared – the Health and Safety Advisor says to make sure you take a well-stocked first aid kit along on any team-building events.
Make sure it contains tweezers, antiseptic and bandages, recommends FSP Business.
But what if your employees go out for a quick lunch at an outdoor restaurant and get stung by bees?
Soothe insect stings if your employees are out at a restaurant for team-building!
If you didn't bring your first aid kit along for the teambuilding event, remember that you can soothe insect bites with fresh garlic. 
Insect stings from bees or wasps can also be soothed by dabbing the skin with vinegar. For mosquito bites, rub lemon juice over the area, or slices of cucumber or tomato.
And if the insect sting doesn't come out despite your best efforts with the tweezers from your first aid kit, scrape the area with a credit card, adds FSP Business.
There you have it. There're some quick fixes, but your best bet is to take your first aid kit along anytime employees go outdoors, and to do a quick health risk assessment before any employee outing or team-building activity!

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Do a health risk assessment before any team-building activity!
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