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Do you know what to do after you've done your risk assessment?

by , 25 July 2014
So you've got your risk register and your health and safety representative by your side. You're ready to observe your employees at work to identify risks.

You've spent weeks preparing and planning to do this. But what's the next step after that?

Doing a perfect risk assessment doesn't help you if you don't know what to do once you're finished. The assessment, after all, is only the first step in your risk management plan.

Here's what to do once you've completed it...

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To ensure you deal with risks effectively, you must record them properly 

If you're going to have a successful risk management plan, you must start with the details. This is why you must put so much effort into creating your risk register.
You need these details so that when you take the steps to manage the risks afterward, those steps are accurate.
So be sure to record every detail you can about a risk so that when you take these steps, they're successful…

Take these four steps after your risk assessment to deal with the risks

Step #1: Compare notes with your health and safety representative and discuss the risks you identified.
Step #2: Take your findings to your health and safety committee meeting and discuss the risks.
Step #3: Get everyone's feedback and agreement on how to deal with the risks.
Step #4: Put the agreed safety precautions in place.
a) The safety precautions you put in place are still working; and
b) No new risks have developed since your last risk assessment.
By following this process, your health and safety plan will be effective and all of those risks you identified will be gone. 
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Do you know what to do after you've done your risk assessment?
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