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Do you understand the role risk assessments play in your health and safety programme?

by , 08 August 2014
Your health and safety programme is a living thing. It's constantly changing and shifting and you need to constantly update it. But how do you know when you need to modify your health and safety measures?

Well you'll only know when and how to do this if you look. Keep your eyes open for new problems and changing risks.

This is the role of your risk assessments. It plays a very important part in your health and safety management.

To ensure you use your risk assessment to your advantage, here's more about the role it plays...

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Your risk assessments play an important role in your health and safety

When it comes to ensuring your health and safety efforts do their job, you need to ensure they're always preventing dangers.
The best way to do this is with a risk assessment. These are the foundation of your health and safety plan when you first begin the process. Once in place, they then help you ensure the programme you've implemented stays up to date.
But this isn't all a risk assessment does. It may also prompt you to take other actions too.

A risk assessment should prompt you to take further actions to improve health and safety

When you do a risk assessment and find there are new risks that have developed, it'll prompt you to take further steps.
You need to know why these risks developed so you can fix them effectively. This means you'll need to either do a safety inspection to check your employees' compliance OR a safety audit to see if the problem comes from your programme itself.
So ensure you do risk assessment regularly to keep your health and safety in check and to know when it's time for further actions!

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