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Don't get caught not doing safety risk assessments - 8 laws you MUST comply with

by , 18 March 2013
Safety Risk assessments are a legal requirement! You MUST identify hazards and assess safety risks in your company to keep your employees safe.
There are eight laws you must comply with when it comes to risk assessments.
Let's take a look at what they are...

8 Laws you must comply with for safety risk assessments
Law #1: The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA Act 85 of 1993)
Both you and your employee are responsible for health and safety aspects on site (e.g. company offices, construction sites etc.). The core of the Act is to identify hazards and risks related to tasks performed in the workplace. The Act requires you to take action in the form of risk management to prevent injury and loss to your  employees health because of exposure to any hazards in the workplace.
Law #2: The Hazardous Chemical Substance Regulation (Section 5 of the OHSA)
You must assess the workplace to identify potential exposure to chemical substances. The regulations under this section details the requirements for exposure levels, medical surveillance and education of employees exposed to chemical substances in the workplace.
Law #3: The Major Hazard Installation Regulation (Section 5 of the OHSA)
A risk assessment must be done to identify the probable frequency, magnitude and nature of any major incident that could occur at a major hazard installation.
Law #4: The National Environmental Management Act (Section 28 of the NEM Act)
You must assess and evaluate the impact your business has on the environment. This implies that an environmental aspect and impact assessment needs to be done. Principles very similar to those implemented with hazard identification and risk assessment will be implemented when the impact assessment is done.
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Law #5: The Mine Health and Safety Act 
As far as reasonably practical, you must provide and maintain a safe working environment that's without risk to the health of the employees. You must identify the relevant risks to which people who aren't employees may be exposed.
Law #6: Environmental legislation
To ensure compliance with environmental legislation, like the Environment Conservation Act, Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act, National Water Act, and requirements for the purification of wastewater or waste matter, risk or impact assessments must be done first.
Law #7: The Basic Conditions of Employment Act
You must identify risks employees may be exposed to in the workplace.
Law #8: The King II Report
This clearly indicates the responsibility of management to identify business risks and put management actions in place. It makes the board responsible for total process management and for forming its own opinion on the effectiveness of the process.
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Until next time,

Stay safe.

Kerusha Narothan
Product Manager: Health and Safety Advisor
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Don't get caught not doing safety risk assessments - 8 laws you MUST comply with
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