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Evaluate your health and safety performance! Familiarise yourself with site-specific requirements

by , 24 March 2015
In order for your audit team to evaluate the risk assessments, they need to understand the process completely.

After you evaluate your risk assessment process, you must compare it against your control measures. This shows you if the systems you have are reducing your risk.

Here's what you need to do in order to familiarise yourself with site-specific requirements

Keep in mind that the core requirements of a risk management system don't change much between sites

They generally are to plan, to do, to check and to act. This means that your audit team needs to know each sites requirements. Note that these smaller details depend on your site risk profile (from your risk assessments) and your site management's approach towards health and safety risk management.

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Risk management systems provide the framework to guide, measure and evaluate your health and safety performance. They include:

• Organisation: Structures that indicate roles, responsibilities and reporting structures;

• Guidance: Plans, policies and procedures that provide instructions on how to carry out activities and functions;

• Controls: Inspections, and reviews to ensure performance is consistent with objectives and
requirements; and

• Communications: Methods to collect, handle and report information.

Don't forget to perform a compliance audit to assess the degree of compliance with your requirements of your site-specific health and safety risk management system.

As a useful tip, you should know that there are several audit software packages available on the market that you can use to help you with your internal audits.

You should take advantage of this since this compliance audit will help you see how effective your system is, and if it is achieving its objectives.

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Evaluate your health and safety performance! Familiarise yourself with site-specific requirements
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