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Five common hazards at the workplace: Raise awareness of them and increase your worker's safety!

by , 18 March 2015
We all know people who are so absent minded they knock their heads on anything hanging from the ceiling. They're usually the same people who will walk into a door glass, place a cup near the end of the table or spill their coffee on their keyboard at least once a week.

For an efficient health and safety system, we're sure you don't want someone like this on your team.

But you don't have much choice. And, let's be honest, accidents can happen to anyone.

And while it depends on the job, too many accidents happen every year due to minor aspects being overseen.

That's why today we're sharing five common workplace hazards we want you to pay attention to. Because they're easy to avoid if you create awareness about them.

Here are five workplace hazards you need to create awareness for:

1. Working at heights.
Personal fall arrest systems are essential! Employees working at heights should permanently be aware of their immediate surroundings. They also need to monitor their PPE, equipment, and tools, as well the structure or environment they are working on.

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2. Slip and trip hazards.
You would think this is not a major accident category, but it is. In fact, they're the second most common type of injury, according to health and safety stats. Having difficulty noticing potential trip/slip hazards leads to major accidents.

3. Pay attention to powered Industrial Trucks.
In 2011, OSHA estimated that over 100 fatalities and over 94,000 injuries occur every year due to unsafe operation of powered industrial trucks, such as forklifts.

4. Hazard communication is another cause for a major volume of accidents.
Any labels and safety data sheets must still be seen and understood and employee must inspect a label, notice it and check the potential risk before using any product.

5. Electrical work is yet another aspect we include in our list of the most common workplace hazards.
Just like in all the previous examples, awareness is extremely important in this situation - especially because it comes with such a high level danger risk.

To increase awareness, do a risk assessment on a regular basis, use checklists, memory aids, be organised and make sure everyone in the team understands the importance of your health and safety management system and that they're always vigilant of the dangers that surround them.

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Five common hazards at the workplace: Raise awareness of them and increase your worker's safety!
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