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Five hazards to look into when carrying out your risk assessments

by , 06 September 2015
Carrying out risk assessments are important parts of health and safety in the workplace. By carrying out a risk assessment, you can identify any hazards in the workplace that could lead to a workplace incident.

So look at these five common hazards in the workplace and ensure that your workplace is hazard-free:

1. Structural hazards: 

These include the physical structure in which the work is performed. 

You must look at the windows, doors, walls etc. of the structure to ensure that it is safe.

2. Microenvironment hazards: 

These are hazards in the immediate working vicinity. 

They can include noise, vibrations, exposure the chemical substances, fumes, dust and so on.

3. People hazards: 

People's behaviour can be a hazard and should always be looked into. 

But it is worth noting that no amount of training and insight can predict human behaviour. 

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4. Material Hazards: 

Any materials or substances, such as chemical substances and metal sheets that are used and handled during work should be looked into to determine whether or not they are hazards. 

5. Equipment hazards

Determine the hazards associated with all equipment and machinery that is used during any work-related task. 
So there are five key areas to remember when conducting your risk assessments to look for any hazards in the workplace. 

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Five hazards to look into when carrying out your risk assessments
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