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For effective risk management take these two steps

by , 25 July 2014
Health and safety isn't just a one-stop process. You can't just fix everything in one go and that applies to risk management too.

If you want to manage risks, you have to follow the full process and you need to do it every six months.

What's this process you ask? It's actually a simple two step process that you can do very easily. But ensure you do both of these steps properly or your risk management plan will fail...

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Step one in your risk management process

This first step in your risk management process is to do a risk assessment. This is the only way you can be sure of what risks you employees face.
To do this step, set a time and a date with your health and safety representative for the assessment. You must both observe your employees at work to determine what dangers they face.
You must record every detail you can about the risk on your risk register [link]. 
This is important as you'll need it during the second stage of your risk management plan…

Step two in your risk management process

The second step is to take your findings to your health and safety committee meeting and discuss it with them. 
You must all agree on a way to deal with these risks and the safety precautions you must put in place.
Once you have everyone's agreement, you can implement your health and safety plan knowing that it effectively manages the risks you employees face.
Just be sure to do this every six months so you can ensure your safety precautions are working and no new risks have developed. This is your best way to protect your employees and keep them safe. 
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For effective risk management take these two steps
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