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Four deadly risks you must look for during a construction site risk assessment

by , 20 August 2014
Accidents can happen in any workplace. But on construction sites, those workplace accidents are a lot more deadly.

Here, things like paper cuts and slips down the stairs are the least of your worries. Constructions accidents can easily lead to amputations, disfigurements and even death.

That's why when you do a risk assessment on your construction site, look out for these four deadly risks...


Look out for these four deadly risks when you do a construction site risk assessment

Construction sites are where serious accidents like building collapses can happen. Just like the building collapse that happened on Monday in Meyersdal, this type of accident could result in your employees losing their lives.
That's why you must look for these possibly deadly construction site risks:
1. Structural problems
You must look out for any structural problems during your construction site risk assessment. These problems could be responsible for a building collapse. Even if this doesn't happen during construction, it could happen later one when innocent people are using the building.
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2. Machinery problems
Machinery is a major hazard and depending on what it is, where it is and how your employees use it the risks and dangers will differ. 
For example, a few months ago SheqAfrica.co.za reported a story of an employee who tried to clean a rotating cerement mixer. His sleeve caught on the drum and it pulled his arm into the rotating mechanism. 
You must be on high alert for these kinds of risk.
3. Falling hazards
Because construction workers have to work at different heights, often without walls such as when they're on scaffolding, falling hazards are very common. 
4. Hand tool hazards
Hand tools can be very dangerous if your employees don't have their protective equipment on or if they use it incorrectly. 
So ensure you look out for these risks during your next construction risk assessment to ensure your employees are safe from the dangers of their work.

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Four deadly risks you must look for during a construction site risk assessment
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