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Four types of risks you must look for during your next risk assessment

by , 13 August 2014
Danger is everywhere and your employees deal with it every day. It doesn't matter what work they do, there are always risks lurking nearby.

The only way to protect them from these dangers is to do thorough risk assessments and deal with the risks you identify. You can put various precautionary measures in place to do this but your best defence in the fight against workplace accidents and dangers is to find and deal with the right kinds of risks.

And that's why, to ensure your employees' safety, you need to look for these four types of risks...


You must look for these four types of risks during every risk assessment

To keep your employees safe from workplace dangers you must look for these four types of risks:
1. Raised hazards and risks
These are any kind of risk that only happens from a raised height. For example, falling risks from scaffolding or objects like tools falling from raised work areas.
To determine if these risks are present, you'll need to get up high yourself. Observe your employees on the same raised area they're working on to see if there's a risk of them falling off or bumping/dropping tools over the side.
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2. Airborne risks
These risks are hard to clearly determine because they include risks like excessive dust concentration in the air, airborne fumes and gasses. You may need special equipment to determine these risks.
3. Ground level risks
These can be anything from a floor cluttered with tripping hazards to moveable machinery that can crush your employee's feet.
4. Human risks
These are any risks your employees cause through their behavior or lack of knowledge. 
There are many more risks you'll need to look out for, but these are some of the most common and serious types of risks. 

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Four types of risks you must look for during your next risk assessment
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