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Have unanswered questions about risk assessments? Keep reading for the answers

by , 02 May 2014
Struggling with risk assessments? If so, you'll be glad to know that our health and safety experts have answered the three most frequently asked risk assessment questions for you. Continue reading to find out all the answers so you can comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and avoid harsh penalties.


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Your three risk assessment questions answered

Question#1: Please explain to me in simple terms what a risk assessment is?

Answer: Experts at the Health & Safety Club say a risk assessment is a fancy name for something you do on a daily basis without realising it.

When you cross the road, you look at traffic and make sure it's safe to cross the road. When you drive, you check your mirrors to see if it's safe to change lanes. These are examples of risk assessments that everyone does on a daily basis.

In an office environment, the OHSA requires you to conduct risk assessments.

You need to identify risks associated with operations in your business. After you identify risks, you must analyse them to establish control measures you need to put in place to reduce or remove the risks in your workplace.

Note: Some people refer to risk assessments as a risk management process.

Question #2: What's the danger when one doesn't conduct a risk assessment?

Answer: Firstly, failure to conduct risk assessments means you're breaking the OHSA.

Secondly, if you don't identify risks, you can't control them. This means your employees will be injured.


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Question #3: As an employer, am I the only one responsible when it comes to risk assessments?

Experts at the Health & Safety Club say 'it's everyone's responsibility to ensure all risks in the workplace are identified and communicated to coworkers and to you (employer).'

This means your employees are responsible as well when it comes to risk assessments or risk management. Assessing risks should form part of their daily routine.

'You need your employee's eyes to help you in this huge task as required by OHSA,' add the experts.

We hope these questions will help you comply with the OHSA when it comes to risks assessments (risk management process). Send us more questions here and be sure to check out the first installment of risk assessment questions and answers we did earlier this year.

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Have unanswered questions about risk assessments? Keep reading for the answers
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