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Have you marked your next risk assessment on your calendar?

by , 25 July 2014
Health and safety doesn't stop! It's an ongoing process because new risks always crop up.

That's why you need to do risk assessments repeatedly. So if you haven't marked your next risk assessment on your calendar, here's when it should be...

A once-off risk assessment won't protect your employees

Many employers think that one risk assessment every few years is enough. If you're one such employer, your employees are in serious danger.
The reason is danger is a constant. Human error, faulty machinery and environmental factors can all cause accidents. 
Now your risk assessment won't help you if a rainstorm blows your business roof off unexpectedly. But it can help you stop problems with your employees, their tools, the machines and working conditions.
So if your last a risk assessment was in 2010 do one NOW and then schedule another one...
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Take this quick quiz to find out if you can handle the DoL hot seat
Which risk assessments have to be checked by an approved inspector every two years?
Is it absolutely necessary for your company to appoint and train someone as a risk assessor?
When was the last time you did a risk assessment? (Is that too long?)
Have you checked and double checked the less obvious health hazards?
If you can't answer even one of these questions you're not only putting your employee's lives at risk; you're also putting yourself in danger of massive fine from the DoL.
Don't wait until it's too late.
Learn how to do your risk assessments correctly here.

Here's when to schedule that next risk assessment

For maximum risk management, you must do a risk assessment every six months if not earlier. If you do them every eight to 12 months your risk management plan may have serious holes in it because of the speed at which things can change.
To prevent workplace accidents, you have to be one step ahead of the risks that cause them. 
So, pick up your pen and mark a date six months from now (if not sooner) to do your next risk assessment then. Just don't forget to check the date with your health and safety representative because he needs to be there too. 

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