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Health and Safety Audits: Nine things to consider when preparing an audit schedule

by , 24 December 2013
The planning phase is key to a successful health and safety audit. How do you go about doing this? Prepare an audit schedule. Here are the nine factors you should consider when preparing your schedule...

You must plan your health and safety audits. One way to do this is to prepare an audit schedule. This is as a guideline for the audit.

Consider these nine factors when preparing an audit schedule

Louise Harty of Risk Assessments: The 100% legally complaint risk assessment toolkit  says you must consider these nine factors when preparing a schedule for an audit:

#1: Location: What department or area?

#2: Purpose or scope: Why must the audit be performed and what is the scope of what the audit should cover?

#3: Dates: How long will it take to complete the audit?

#4: Time of opening meeting: Every audit MUST begin with an opening meeting and responsible managers of the departments or areas to be audited must be present.

#5: Timed programme of visits to specific areas: What is the extent of specific visits required so that an objective sample can be taken and decided upon?

#6: Time of closing meeting: Every audit MUST end with a closing meeting. Ideally, management who were at the opening meeting should be present.

#7: Members of audit team: Select audit team members carefully so that the right skills and abilities will give the team a natural balance.

#8: Team meetings: Allow adequate time so that the audit team can get together while the audit is being carried out.

These meetings are very important for discussing aspects of the audit that have revealed trends in different departments or areas. For example:

  • What's the position in relation to the health and safety aims and objectives?
  • What's the position in relation to hazards and risks?
  • What are the reasons for the current position?
  • Are things getting better or worse?
  • Is the management of Health and Safety doing the right things?

#9:Pre-closing meeting: Allow time for the audit team to get together to have a wrap-up discussion before the closing meeting is held.

Preparing an audit schedule and taking all the above mentioned factors into account will help ensure your health and safety audit is a success.

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Health and Safety Audits: Nine things to consider when preparing an audit schedule
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