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Here's how do a risk assessment that could save your employee from a serious accident

by , 27 August 2014
What causes serious workplace accidents?

Is it your employee's behaviour?

Your machinery?

The environment your employees work in?

The truth is, you may not know what'll cause a serious accident that could cost your employee his life, unless you do a risk assessment.

Just by doing this, you can find out what'll cause those serious accidents and prevent them. This could be the one thing that'll save your employee's life.

Here's how to do it...


You can easily do a risk assessment if you just follow these four steps

Step #1: Get your health and safety representative on board and set a date. You must do this assessment together as your HSE rep may have information about workplace hazards you don't know about.
Step #2: Create your risk register to use during the risk assessment. Use this document to record the risks you identify during the assessment. (This is very important during the next stage of the assessment process.)
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Step #3: Observe your employees as they do their work duties. You must watch them on active duty so you can see where the risks are in their work. Record the risks you see on your risk register in detail.
Step #4: Take your findings to your health and safety committee. During this meeting you must discuss what safety precautions you'll put in place to reduce the risk your employees face.
But just remember, this isn't a once off event.
Your risks assessment can't be a once off event if you want to keep employees safe
You must do risk assessments at least once every six months to ensure there are no new risks. If you don't, new risks may evolve and these will lead to serious accidents.
So prevent those accidents by being a step ahead of the risks that cause them.

PS: We strongly recommend you check out the Risk Assessment Guide. It has everything you need to ensure your risk assessments are 100% legally compliant

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Here's how do a risk assessment that could save your employee from a serious accident
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