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How to deal with results from your risk assessment

by , 14 March 2014
Many employers know they have to conduct a risk assessment. The problem they have is dealing with the results of the assessment. If you have the same problem, continue reading to find out how to prioritise the actions from your risk assessment.

Here's how to prioritise actions from a risk assessment

The great thing about a risk assessment is that it allows you to take preventative and precautionary measures to minimise or prevent any health and safety hazards that could harm to your employees, says Louise Harty, Managing Editor of the Health & Safety Advisor.

That's why acting on the results on your assessment is so important.

If you don't do this properly, all your hard work will go down the drain. And what's worse is your employees will still be vulnerable to risks.

Is that a risk you're prepared to take?


It's a legal requirement. You must identify hazards and assess risks in your company

Do you know how to compile a risk assessment?


Here's the best way to prioritise actions from a risk assessment

The Health & Safety Executive says you may find that there are a number of issues which need action, so you need decide on your priorities. In thinking through your priorities, think about the biggest or most serious risks first (significant risks).

In this article, we said 'risks, which are significant, are those that are not trivial in nature and are capable of creating a real risk to health and safety.'

When you've identified the risk assessment priorities, you need to decide on the controls which you'll put into place

The Health & Safety Executive recommends you think about the following:

  • Long-term solutions to those risks with the worst potential consequences
  • Long-term solutions to those risks most likely to cause accidents or ill-health
  • Whether there are improvements that can be implemented quickly, even as a temporary solution until more reliable controls are in place. 'The greater the risk the more robust and reliable the control measures will need to be.'

There you have it. The success of your risk assessment or risk management process is largely dependent on your ability to deal with risks appropriately. So make sure you comply now that you know how to prioritise actions from a risk assessment.

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How to deal with results from your risk assessment
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