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If you forget this golden rule of safety, all your efforts will be in vain

by , 17 July 2014
To achieve compliance with all those OHS regulations, you need to make a concerted effort. An effort to train your employees, provide safety equipment, create a procedure manual for your employees to use and much more.

Every bit of effort helps, but none of them matter if you don't remember the golden rule of health and safety.

This is the rule that must guide your development and implementation of your health and safety programme.

Read on to discover what this golden rule is...

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The golden rule of safety: Always start with the risks

All of your health and safety efforts mean nothing if they aren't risk specific. You need to know exactly what risks you're dealing with when you put your safety equipment in place or when your give your employees OHS training. 
To know what risks your employees face, you must do a risk assessment. This is the only way to achieve proper risks management.
Because risk management needs all the details of the risks your employees deal with to be effective.
So when you do your risk assessment, ensure you look for these hazards...

Look for these hazards during your risk assessment

1.       The age and condition of the machinery and equipment your employees work with;
2.       The PPE your employees wear;
3.       Condition the working environment is in;
4.       The safety equipment that's in place in the workspace;
5.       Do your employees follow safety procedures?
6.       Do your employees clean up the work space once they're done? And
7.       Are there any old or outdated safety precautions that you need to replace?
These are just some of the workplace hazards you may find that can escalate into full blown accident risks. Once you've identified which ones affect your business, you can put an accurate health and safety plan together.
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If you forget this golden rule of safety, all your efforts will be in vain
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