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Introducing the one tool that'll improve your risk assessments 100%

by , 28 August 2014
What does it take to do a successful risk assessment?

Is it effective planning or using your health and safety representatives input?

While both of these things will improve your risk assessment they, may not make the assessment itself more effective.

So what can you do to ensure your assessment is effective?

That's where this one tool comes in. It's something you can create, use and store easily to help with all your risk assessments.

Read on to discover what this tool is...


This tool will dramatically improve your risk assessment 

The tool you should use to improve your risk assessment is a risk register. This is a document you can create yourself to help you during your risk assessment. 
It helps you record the details of the risks you identify during the risk assessment observation. This document also helps you improve your risk assessment and makes it more effective because it ensures you capture all the right information.
In your register, you need to fill in all the different fields about the risks to ensures you don't miss something important.
But this risk register won't just help you during the assessment. It'll help you with you risk management process as well.
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Here's how your risk register will help you with your risk management process

Your risk register gives you a clear guide to use when you take your findings to your health and safety committee. 
With it, your committee can now see the risk level, the type and cause easily and quickly. This makes deciding on safety precautions to put in place much easier. 
So create your risk register and improve your risk assessment and risk management 100% every time.

PS: We strongly recommend you check out the Risk Assessment Guide. It has everything you need to ensure your risk assessments are 100% legally compliant

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Introducing the one tool that'll improve your risk assessments 100%
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