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Is there a serious hole in your health and safety plan?

by , 25 July 2014
Okay, quick health and safety spot quiz: What should you give your employees if they work with hand tools?

What do you do if one of your machines is so old but not dangerous?

What do you do if your employees don't know how to use their equipment safely?

And what must you do to spot all of the above dangers?

Now you can guess what you should do to protect your employees from the first three things. But if you can't answer the forth question, your health and safety plan has some serious holes! Read on to discover the answer to the last question and how to fix those holes...

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To spot dangers and possible accidents, you must do a risk assessment

The answer to that question is: You must do a risk assessment. Without it, you won't know what risks your employees face. 
If you've missed that step completely, what exactly is it that your health and safety plan is protecting your employees from?

Here's what to do when you do a risk assessment

You and your health and safety representative must arrange a time to observe your employees at work. As you do this, you must inspect all the tools, equipment and conditions in your workplace. Also ask your employees questions about their training, work practice and the conditions.
Record all the risks you see on your risk register. Then take your findings to your health and safety committee meeting. Here you must all discuss and agree on how to deal with the risks.
This is the best and only way to ensure your company's health and safety plan isn't full of holes.
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Is there a serious hole in your health and safety plan?
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