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One deadly workplace hazard you've probably overlooked

by , 05 May 2016
We all know how important risk assessments are. They help you to identify hazards in your workplace. Not to mention, it's a legal requirement!

But that's easy enough to understand. The real question is where to look for these hazards. After all, you can't identify any hazards if you don't know where to look.

An obvious place to start would be structural hazards and material hazards. But there's one hazard that's seldom thought of by employers, but potentially deadly in the workplace!

Keep reading to find out what it is...


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·         3 Types of precautionary measures you can take after your risk assessment
·         How to identify hazardous chemicals in the workplace
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Risk Assessments: The 100% legally compliant risk assessment toolkit is the only resource you'll need to make sure you've done everything you possibly can to make your employees are safe and comply with the OHSA.
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As ironic as it may sound, those who you're trying to protect can be a hazard to themselves!
That's right! Let's take a look at an example to help you understand this more…
Jimmy works with heavy machinery in your workplace. He's very excitable today because his football team won their game last night. Because of this he's fooling around on the floor. Because of his lack of concentration on the job, he's not attending to the machine as he should, and it malfunctions completely. Luckily, no one was injured! But still, you must now replace an expensive piece of equipment.
You see, fooling around in the workplace can have dire consequences on everyone else in it.
So what can you do?
This hazard is harder to control than say, a chemical or noise-related hazard in the workplace,, simply because it's human behaviour we're talking about. But that doesn't mean you can do nothing.

TIP: Let your employees know that horseplay will not be tolerated. And that they can be prosecuted if an accident occurs because of fooling around in the workplace.

*To learn more on identifying hazards in the workplace, go to chapter R 02 in your Health and Safety Advisor handbook, or click here to order your copy today.
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One deadly workplace hazard you've probably overlooked
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