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Revealed: The only way to keep your workers safe if there's a threat of violent strike action in the area

by , 15 May 2013
Just a few weeks ago, Lonmin Platinum Mine was praised for its worker safety by the Chamber of Mines. Now in a burst of irony, there are fears that Lonmin's workers' safety is at huge risk as the workers embark on the second day of al illegal wildcat strike. Here's how to keep your workers safe is there's a threat of violence in the area...

Cosatu is so concerned that violence will break out as a result of the latest Lonmin strike that it's urged law enforcement agencies to prioritise the area surrounding Lonmin, says Fin24
That's because the workers aren't just staying away from work - activists are also planning to visit the shafts to threaten those who do show up for work.
Because it's not just during strikes that the miners' health and safety are compromised.
"Our members are victimised each and every day," said Cosatu Gauteng secretary Dumisani Dakile on Fin24
Here's why the Chamber of Mines praised Lonmin for its safety standards…
This may come as a surprise if you heard the news that the Chamber of Mines CEO Bheki Sibiya had praised Lonmin for its safety record – but this safety accolade was for Lonmin's Marikana mine reaching 17-million shifts without a fall-of-ground fatality, says The BusinessDay's BDLive website.
But with the current strike on the go, Lonmin's workers' safety is now at more risk than before.
And if there are violent protests or riots around your workplace, you need to protect your employees too.
Because Department of Labour says it's your responsibility to protect all employees' health and safety, and conducting a risk assessment's actually the easiest way you'll be in the all-clear with your Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) obligations.
That's why you need to make sure you're conducting regular risk assessments to protect your employees' health and safety.
Prevent panic and minimise the risk of employee injuries and safety risks with an emergency preparedness and response risk assessment!
If there's a threat of violence in the area that could affect your employees' health and safety, you'll need to conduct an emergency preparedness and response risk assessment.
So if you read or hear that riots are heating up in the area where your business is based, you'll need to do a risk assessment to see if there's a chance the protest action will affect your business.
This way, your employees will be prepared as they'll know the procedures of what to do, how to do it and when to do it, says The Health and Safety Bulletin.
The first step is to draw up your emergency response plan through a risk assessment based on the specific risks your business faces, like violent protestors harming your employees on their way to and from work.
Your emergency response plan must include a list of procedures for each emergency, as well as evacuation routes, a map of locations of your company's emergency equipment, and the people responsible during the emergency, says FSP Business.
It's the only way to prepare for the unexpected and minimise the chance of your employees' health and safety being compromised as strike fever grips the country again.

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Revealed: The only way to keep your workers safe if there's a threat of violent strike action in the area
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