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Risk assessments: Here's what you need to know about administrative controls

by , 14 March 2014
When it comes to risk assessments, it's important that you implement risk control measures. These help ensure you eliminate the risk or reduce it to an acceptable level. Read on to find out more about administrative controls and what you need to do.

Risk assessments: Everything you need to know about administrative controls

The success of your risk assessment or risk management process is largely dependent on your ability to deal with risks appropriately. Implementing risk controls is one way to ensure your risk assessment is a success.

The Health & Safety Advisor says the hierarchy of risk controls you can apply is as follows:

  • Eliminate the risk;
  • Implement engineering controls; and
  • Implement administrative controls.

For the purposes of this article, we'll focus on administrative controls.



It's a legal requirement. You must identify hazards and assess risks in your company

Do you know how to compile a risk assessment?


Administrative controls include the following:

#1: Compliance with legislation applicable to your business.

This will include relevant Acts and their supporting Regulations. For example, people doing construction work need to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act as well as all the applicable regulations, including the Construction Regulations.

#2: Maintaining records as required by the law.

This includes having things like a hazard register, a risk assessment for each hazard and details of the risk controls implemented.

You also need to have records of monitoring the risk controls to see if they're effective.

#3: Supervision by competent persons.

The level of competency will depend on the extent of the hazards and risks assessed.

#4: Safe working or operating procedures.

These must be well documented and available to those who need them.

#5: Providing training on how to do the work, the hazards and risks in doing that work and the appropriate risk control measures.

#6: Limiting the number of people exposed to the most significant risks.

#7: Removing people from risk work if there's an indication that they're being adversely affected by the hazard.

There you have it. Implement these administrative controls to ensure your risk assessment is effective.

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Risk assessments: Here's what you need to know about administrative controls
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