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Safe employees are happy employees! Here's how to ensure they're both

by , 28 July 2014
If your employees face danger every day, they'll hate coming to work. After all, no one wants to spend every day fearing for their lives.

This means a decrease in productivity as your employees start finding ways to stay away from work.

If you want your employees to be safe and want to come to work, you need to remove the risks that put them in danger.

This is easier to do than you think.

Read on to discover how to keep your employees safe and happy at the same time...

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Keep your employees safe by doing regular risk assessments

The reason your employees don't feel safe is because you've failed to deal with the risks they face at work. 
The only way you can deal with these risks is to do a risk assessment
To do this you must watch your employees at work together, with your health and safety representative. You must then record all the risks you see. 
You can now deal with them and give your employees the safety they need.
But when it comes to your employees' happiness, there's one more thing you can do.

Involve your employees in the risk assessment

During your risk assessment, speak to a few of your employees. Ask them about what dangers they face and what they think you should do to improve workplace health and safety.
This gives your employees the feeling of having being involved in your health and safety process. 
When your employees feel like you've heard them on matters like these it does a lot for their happiness.
With the simple action of doing a risk assessment, you can repair your employees' safety and happiness. 
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Safe employees are happy employees! Here's how to ensure they're both
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