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Sources of Hazards Involving the Human Factor. What causes them?

by , 20 February 2015
In what follows, we offer you a various number of situations when hazards may arise, in order to make you keep in mind the risks and the risk management all together.

The context refers to environmental factors, workplace and human factors,  psychological factors as well as the work organization, in order to help you with the risk identification:

Thus being said, jazards may arise from:

- Environmental factors and working climate

    Inadequate or inappropriate illumination
    Inappropriate control of temperature/humidity/ventilation
    Presence of pollutants

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- Interaction of workplace and human factors

    Dependence of safety system on need to receive and process information accurately
    Dependence on knowledge and capabilities of staff
    Dependence on norms of behaviour
    Dependence on good communication and proper instructions to tackle changing conditions
    Impact of reasonably foreseeable departures from safe working procedures
    Suitability of personal protective equipment
    Poor motivation to work safely
    Ergonomic factors, such as design of the work station to suit the worker


- Psychological factors

    Severity of work (intensity, monotony)
    Workplace dimensions, e.g. claustrophobia , working alone
    Role ambiguity and/or conflict
    Contribution to decision-making affecting work and task
    High demand, low control of work
    Reactions in event of emergencies

- Work organization

    Factors conditioned by work processes (e.g. continuity, shift systems, working at night)
    Effective management systems and arrangements in place for organizing, planning, monitoring and controlling the health and safety process.
    Maintenance of equipment including safety equipment
    Proper arrangements for dealing with accidents and emergencies


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Sources of Hazards Involving the Human Factor. What causes them?
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