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These three tips could be the difference between a safe workplace and a fatal accident

by , 28 July 2014
Do you know what'll happen if one of your employees has an accident and dies on your premises? You'll have to have a full investigation, internally and externally. Then it'll mean dealing with COID and the DoL. And the DoL may even shut you down.

This is why you MUST prevent fatal accidents. If you don't, it spells disaster for your company.

The good news is, we have three tips that could be the difference between a safe workplace and a fatal accident. Here's what they are...

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Don't let fatal workplace accidents destroy your company, rather use these three tips to prevent them

Tip #1: Do a risk assessment A.S.A.P
The only way you can prevent fatal workplace accidents is to do a risk assessment. This will enable you to identify and deal with the risks that could cause those fatal accidents.
Tips #2: Involve your health and safety representative every chance you get
Your health and safety representative sees everything your employees face while they're on duty. He can tell you what dangers your employees have to deal with. 
He also represents the interest of your employees. So if there's something your employees are really concerned about and want you to fix, your representative can let you know.
Tip #3: Deal with risks as soon as you can
When it comes to risk management, time is vital. You must take risks to your health and safety committee and discuss them. From here, you must all decide on how to deal with them. But don't wait to do this! If you leave a risk untreated, it could soon cause a fatal accident!
Don't have to constantly live in fear of a death of one of your employees while on duty. Use these three tips to ensure risks don't lead to fatalities.
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These three tips could be the difference between a safe workplace and a fatal accident
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