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Three tips for conducting a 100% legally compliant risk assessment

by , 27 February 2015
You have a legal duty to manage health and safety risks in your company.

The best way to comply with this obligation is to conduct a risk assessment. It will help you identify risks and implement measures to reduce, prevent or eliminate them.

To conduct a 100% legally compliant risk assessment, we recommend you apply these three tips.

To make sure your risk assessment is 100% legally compliant, apply these three tips

Tip 1: Plan and prepare
Benjamin Franklin once said, 'failing to prepare is preparing to fail.'
This sentiment applies when it comes to doing your risk assessment too. If you don't plan and prepare well, you'll fail in your risk management efforts.
According to the Health & Safety Advisor, some of the things you should do in your planning and preparation phase are:
  • Look at your current health and safety procedures and how effective they are;
  • Check previous risk assessments to see past results;
  • Check what health and safety laws require you to do when you conduct a risk assessment;
  • Schedule time for doing the risk assessment;
  • Identify people who will help you with your risk assessment; and
This brings us to the second tip…
Here's how you can be 100% sure your risk assessments are legally compliant...
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Tip 2: Define the process fully before you start your risk assessment
In most cases, companies do a risk assessment in an unstructured way. This makes it difficult to get good results and comply with safety laws.
To get the most from your risk assessment, the CNS Group advises you spend the time upfront defining all the key parts of the risk assessment including:
  • How are we going to do the risk assessment?
  • How are we going to measure risk?
  • What criteria are we going to use for accepting risk?
If you need help structuring your risk assessment properly, check out Risk Assessment: The 100% legally compliant risk assessment toolkit.
Tip 3: Make your risk assessment meaningful
The CNS Group says you can do a risk assessment by 'paying lip service' to the requirements and completing it because you have to. But this approach produces inaccurate results that don't matter.
'Treat [your risk assessment] seriously as a tool to improve the business. And get buy in from the senior management team and know they're going to act on the findings and resolve the issues.'
To make sure your risk assessment is 100% legally compliant, use these three tips. And remember to 'be methodical, realistic and as accurate and honest as possible when doing the risk assessment. It will produce the best possible answers to the ongoing question. What are my risks?' says the CNS Group.

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Three tips for conducting a 100% legally compliant risk assessment
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