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Three tips that'll help you do risk assessments in record time

by , 24 July 2014
Identifying risks is an important part of the health and safety process. If you don't know what dangers your employees face, how can you possibly hope to protect them?

But the risk assessment process can take hours out of your day. Depending on the size of your business, it may even take weeks!

The good news is, we have three tips that'll help you do your risk assessment in no time...

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You might feel tempted to bypass risk assessments all together as a way to 'save time', but don't! The truth is, it could cost you time in the long run when you have to deal with workplace accidents, investigations, COID claims and DoL inspections.
The reason for these speed bumps down the road is, you didn't deal with the actual risks that exist on your site. You just used some guesswork to put health and safety measures in place.
So rather invest a few hours of your time and do the risk assessment properly. 
Use these three tips to speed up the risk assessment process
Tip #1: Plan ahead of time! 
If you can create a plan of action and put together all the documents you need before you even start, you can cut down the time drastically.
Tip #2: Get your health and safety advisor involved.
You should involve your health and safety representative in your risk management. His help can also speed up the process, as two sets of eyes and hands are always better than one.
Tip #3: Follow your risk assessment plan carefully
If you know where you need to look and what risks you should look out for, the process will go much faster. But if you get distracted and stop following your plan, you may end up wasting time.
There you have it: Don't let risk assessments be a time drain. Include these three tips in your risk management plan and you'll be in done in record time!
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Three tips that'll help you do risk assessments in record time
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