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To identify what could harm your employees, you must perform an accurate risk assessment

by , 04 March 2015
In respect to the activities of an organisation, you are responsible for managing an examination or a risk assessment of what could harm your employees or cause damage to property.

Here are the steps you should take when doing this:

- Identify the hazards associated with an activity (physical task, or process at hand etc), to assess the seriousness of these hazards and to formulate systems of work, training or other methods (controls) to reduce the associated risks to a minimum or at least to an acceptable level, according to OHS Act.

- As a second step, you have determine the severity of the hazards or risks concerned! Give each risk a value to determine the severity of the risk involved.

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- Remove the risk or the hazard. If this is not possible, apply needed measures to mitigate it.

- Make sure you have all the information you need to remove or diminish the risks to a level considered acceptable.

- Decide when you are well-informed. If not, keep in mind "the availability and suitability or means" and find out how suitable or appropriate is it for your specific circumstances.

 Moreover, in regard to this, the Occupational Health and Safety Act states the following aspect when it comes to risk assessment:

"The cost of removing or mitigating that hazard or risk in relation to the benefits deriving there from."

This means that you need to take reasonable measures to safeguard employees and other persons wherever possible!

Pay attention to this fact and you will be able to do this without excessive costs to mitigate health and safety risks.


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To identify what could harm your employees, you must perform an accurate risk assessment
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