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Two additional health and safety inspections you must conduct

by , 18 February 2014
The great thing about health and safety inspections is that they allow you to quickly identify workplace hazards and then take corrective actions. After all, prevention is better than cure. Here are two health and safety inspections you must conduct in your company.

In this article, we told you about the four types of inspections you may need to conduct in your workplace. Now, we're delivering on our promise and giving you two more inspections you need to do.

Section 8.1 of the OHSA requires you to do these two additional health and safety inspections

#1: Preventative maintenance inspections

You must do this type of inspection to prevent unnecessary loss from downtime of plant, machinery and equipment.

You must focus on regular servicing to extend the life expectancy and usefulness of plant, machinery and equipment.

Your maintenance team must conduct the inspection under the guidance of the mechanical engineer.

Note: The frequency of these inspections depends on the recommendations the manufacturer makes in the specification it provides for the plant, machinery and equipment.

#2: Critical parts inspections

The Health & Safety Advisor explains that this inspection is based solely on the manufacturer's specification.

Sometimes there are certain parts of machinery and equipment that need special attention. This includes machine gears, chains, parts you need to grease at specified intervals.

These parts are the ones that, if they fail, break, become worn, are misused, abused or aren't used properly, or aren't readily available when you need them (i.e. waiting for the part from overseas) can cause your company loss (machine downtime, production loss).

This can affect your bottom line.

Since you can't afford to take that risk, make sure your maintenance team conducts this inspection. They need to ensure critical parts arrive well before the time you'll need them.

Now that you know all about the health and safety inspections you must conduct, make sure you comply with Section 8.1 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

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Two additional health and safety inspections you must conduct
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