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Unless you do THIS, workplace accidents are inevitable

by , 19 August 2014
How do you prevent workplace accidents?

Do you teach employees about how to avoid them?

Do you put masses of safety precautions in place and hope something works?

Or do you try to watch their every move so you can prevent these workplace accidents?

The truth is none of these will help you!

If you don't go directly to the cause of the accidents and prevent it, none of your attempts to prevent the accident will work.

And that's why you must do this ONE thing right at the beginning of your health and safety programme...


To prevent accidents at the source, do a risk assessment

The only way to prevent workplace accidents is to do a risk assessment. This process will help you identify the hazards in your workplace and the risks these hazards cause. 
This is process is simple and you can do it in just four steps:
Step #1: Set the time and date of the workplace observation with your health and safety representative.
Step #2: Watch your employees while they work and look for hazards related to their work, their working environment, their behaviour and your equipment. Determine what risks each hazards has. (For example, a large old piece of machinery is a hazard. It has the risk of overheating and burning an employee or catching his clothing on a sharp edge and pulling his arm into the machine and crushing it.)
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Take this quick quiz to find out if you can handle the DoL hot seat
Which risk assessments have to be checked by an approved inspector every two years?
Is it absolutely necessary for your company to appoint and train someone as a risk assessor?
When was the last time you did a risk assessment? (Is that too long?)
Have you checked and double checked the less obvious health hazards?
If you can't answer even one of these questions you're not only putting your employee's lives at risk; you're also putting yourself in danger of massive fine from the DoL.
Don't wait until it's too late.
Step #3: Record every hazard and risk you see on your risk register. You need this document as part of your health and safety records.
Step #4: Take your findings to health and safety committee meetings and discuss them. Come to an agreement about what safety precautions you must put in place to resolve these risks.
This way, you can stop accidents from happening by dealing with the risks that cause them.

PS: We strongly recommend you check out the Risk Assessment Guide. It has everything you need to ensure your risk assessments are 100% legally compliant

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Unless you do THIS, workplace accidents are inevitable
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