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Warning: Any form of business travel poses a health and safety risk - not just overseas travel!

by , 09 May 2013
When it comes to keeping your employees' health and safety top of mind in terms of business travel, you probably think of the health risks from flying to another country. If you're more of a worry wart, you'll also focus on the employee's safety if she's going to a country filled with violence. But this week's bombing of a bus carrying Rainbow Chicken employees shows that a trip down the road in the company vehicle poses just as much - if not more - of a health and safety risk! Here're three risk assessments to conduct when your employees travel.

Business travel is risky business, or so the saying goes.
That's because travelling long distances comes with many health and safety risks that could affect your employees.
That's why you if your employees travel regularly for business, it's your responsibility to ensure their health and safety and well-being while travelling, because they're effectively still 'at work', says the Health and Safety Bulletin.
Conduct a health risk assessment before your employee travels…
So if you find your employee is unfit for duty or travel, you'll have to postpone the trip or find a replacement, as the Health and Safety Bulletin says it's your duty to ensure the employee is healthy and fit for work. 
Just set aside half an hour to conduct a health risk assessment – all you have to do is run through your employee's medical health and note any allergies or existing ailments, says FSP Business.
But there're health and safety risks involved ANY time your employees travel – even if they have a clean bill of health.
For example, ten Rainbow Chicken employees travelling by bus were injured near Rustenburg on Wednesday, says TimesLive
The reason?
People believed to be striking Rainbow Chicken staff allegedly threw a petrol bomb at the bus.
It may seem like this is out of your hands, but there's a way to keep your employees safe if they're making a similar trip.
Conduct this safety risk assessment if your employees are travelling overseas
All you need to do is conduct a risk assessment by checking a global risk management website like Red24 for travel risks like unexpected protest action and natural disasters that could affect your employee's health or safety.
And here's the best risk assessment if your employees are travelling locally
For local travel, keep an eye on the news – if you know you there're violent protests taking place across the country, you can postpone the trip to keep your employees safe.
It's one way to prove your employees' health and safety are top of mind.

Click here to conduct your risk assessment correctly the first time for your travelling employees.

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Warning: Any form of business travel poses a health and safety risk - not just overseas travel!
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