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Watch the news as part of your health and safety risk assessment!

by , 01 March 2013
You wouldn't want to be working in Bangladesh today. The city is awash with violence as citizens are protesting in the streets. Unfortunately, protests often turn violent. And South Africa's no protest to protest action. That's why you need to incorporate riots and protest action in your company's health and safety risk assessments - here's how.

At least 44 people have been killed in Bangladesh in a wave of violence sparked by a special tribunal's decision to sentence a top Islamist opposition leader to death.
The latest deaths took place in riots after two days of clashes between protesters and police, reports the VoiceofAmerica website.
And riots can strike up anytime, anyplace, so you need to be prepared.
After all, a riot is a risk to your employees' health and safety.
Include hazards like riots, terrorism and workplace violence in your risk assessment!
So you need to include riots in your company's risk assessments if you want to be in the all-clear with your Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) obligations.
But that's not all you need to prepare for.
The Ready website adds that you also need to be prepared for hazards like terrorism and workplace violence.
But how do you prepare for this type of hazard to protect your employees' health and safety?
The best way to do is to watch the news
If you read or hear that riots are heating up in the area where your business is based, you'll need to do a risk assessment to see if there's a chance the protest action will affect your business.
You'll then be prepared to send employees home early or provide alternative transport to ensure they get home safely.
By identifying any such hazards, you'll be able to better recognise and control hazards and exposures in the workplace and save costs by being proactive instead of reactive, says the Health and Safety Advisor.
Simple as that.
Watch the news, conduct a risk assessment, and you'll be able to better protect your employees' health and safety!

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Watch the news as part of your health and safety risk assessment!
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