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When last did you review your fire risk assessment? The recent fire at a Creche in Soweto should be your wake up call

by , 26 June 2015
After hearing about the Crèche that burnt down in Soweto this week, killing two toddlers, you should be thinking about the fire risks in your business.

And check if you're taking reasonable steps to prevent harm to your employees and your building.

You're probably taking steps to protect your employees, but your fire risk assessment will tell you if you're covering all you need to.

Read on for how to do conduct a fire risk assessment in your business...

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Imagine a fire breaks out in your office and your building bursts into flames!

Will your employees know what to do?

Will they:
     Recognise the fire alarm?
     Know where the fire extinguishers are?
     Know where the nearest exit is so they can leave the premises as quickly as possible?
     Follow an evacuation plan?

Or will they run around screaming and bumping into each other in panic?

It's your legal obligation to make sure they know what to do and where to go!

Click here for the one tool that will ensure you meet your legal obligations.


What to include in your fire risk assessment

1. Identify fire hazards

Identify the following:
Sources of ignition like naked flames;
Sources of fuel such as flammable liquids; and
Sources of oxygen such as the air around us

2. Identify people at risk

People in and around the premises; and
People who are especially at risk. For example, pregnant women and disabled employees.

3. Evaluate, remove or reduce, and protect from risk

Evaluate the risk of a fire starting;
Evaluate the risk to people from a fire;
Remove or reduce fire hazards;
Remove or reduce the risks to people from a fire; and
Protect people by providing fire precautions

4. Record, plan, inform, instruct and train

Record any major findings and action you have taken;
Discuss and work with other responsible people;
Prepare an emergency plan;
Inform and instruct relevant people;
Provide training;

5. Review

Review your fire-risk assessment regularly; and
Make changes where necessary
Remember to review your risk assessment regularly to reduce the risk of your building burning down! To make sure your fire risk assessments are 100% compliant, make sure you use the Risk Assessment Toolkit!

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When last did you review your fire risk assessment? The recent fire at a Creche in Soweto should be your wake up call
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