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When risks run riot, it's time to reassess

by , 25 June 2014
Let's say you did a risk assessment at the beginning of the year. You then took your findings to your health and safety committee and discussed them. From there, you put safety precautions in to remove these risks.

Then you sat back and thought your health and safety job was over. But if you look round again now, what do you see? Are there new risks running riot in your workplace?

You see, risks don't stay static, they change as situations change. So when you start to see risks remerging, you have to re-evaluate your health and safety programme. Keep reading to find out how...

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Revaluate your health and safety programme to get rid of risks

If you notice risks have become a problem in your workplace again, you must take action. To do this you have to re-evaluate your:
-          Workplace hazards;
-          Safety precautions;
-          Employees' OHS training;
-          Health and safety procedures; and
-          Future health and safety plan.
The point of this is to identify what has caused these new hazards and risks in your workplace.

Here's what you must try identify when you re-evaluate

When you re-evaluate your health and safety programme, you must try identify new:
Workplace hazards: You need to identify if these are new or existing workplace hazards. If they are exciting hazards, you must try identify why they're still a problem.
Safety precautions: Are the safety precautions you put in place not working to control or prevent the risks?
Employees' OHS training: Do your employees need more OHS training on the safety precautions you put in place?
Health and safety procedures: Do your safety procedures have gaps in them which result in hazards?
Future health and safety plan: Does your future health and safety plan need to be more consistent to prevent risks after you've put procedures in place?
Once you have found out where the problem is, you can take steps to resolve it.
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