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You know risk assessments are important, but do you know why?

by , 25 July 2014
You may be well versed in the OHS Act and what it says you must do as an employer. You know all about the records you must keep and the appointments you must make. And there's the training and PPE you must give your employees. And of course, at the beginning of it all is your risk assessment.

You know this is an important step, but do you know why?

Just like any task, to do it properly, you must understand the reasoning behind it. This way, you can ensure that when you do the task it achieves its goals.

So ensure your risk assessment is a success by discovering the reason behind it...

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Risks are the reason you have to do a risk assessment

Your health and safety programme must protect your employees from the hazards and risks they face at work. The only way you can create a health and safety plan that does this is to know what risks they face.
And to do this, you must identify them. This is what the risk assessment does. If you don't do one, you can't know what risks you need to protect your employees from. 
That's WHY you have to do one. So now that you know why you must do it, here's how to ensure it achieves its goal...
Here's how to have a successful risk assessment

For a successful risk assessment you must:

- Plan: Create a list of the areas in your workplace and the risks there.
- Involve your health and safety representative: His input could be the difference between a successful risk assessment and one that            fails.
- Record all your risks on your risk register: This will help you carefully document every risk you spot so you can deal with it later. 
- Never rush: If you rush your risk assessment it'll fail because you'll miss a lot of important details.
By knowing why you're doing a risk assessment, you can do it successfully using these tips.
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You know risk assessments are important, but do you know why?
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