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Your best ally in the fight against risks

by , 24 July 2014
You may think that your company's health and safety is a weight you must bear on your own. You, as the boss, must oversee and manage everything to ensure your employees are safe.

The truth is you don't have to go it alone when it comes to your company's health and safety. In fact, right from the beginning, you have an ally.

This ally is your greatest asset in the fight against risks. With his help you can spot and deal with the risk your employees face every day.

Do you know who this ally is?

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Your greatest ally in the fight against risks is your health and safety representative

That's right; your health and safety representative is your right hand man in all matters of health and safety.
During your risk assessment he'll give you a second set of hands and eyes. This is vital when it comes to ensuring you catch every risk. If you do it on your own, you can miss or forget something.
Once you've done your risk assessment, your health and safety rep becomes your eyes and ears on the ground and can see if your risk management plan is working.
To ensure you have this ally, you must appoint him...

Appoint a health and safety representative so you have an ally in the fight against risks

To appoint your health and safety representative, you must ask your employees for nominations. They'll nominate several candidates and then you take it to a vote.
You'll then inform the candidate that wins the vote and ask if he accepts the position. You can then give him his formal appointment letter.
From this point on, you must involve your rep in training and all matters of health and safety. His help will be invaluable in your fight against workplace risks.
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Your best ally in the fight against risks
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