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139 reasons why SARS doesn't want you to see this...

by , 16 April 2014
Dear Taxpayer,

SARS is hungry for money.

Your money.

It's teetering on the edge of a R69 billion budget-shortfall... and if it falls in, lights will go off, roads will crumble and water will become undrinkable.
So, SARS' only hope is to go after taxpayers with a vengeance.
But not individual taxpayers.
No. It's set its sights on corporate taxpayers, like you.
And that's why it doesn't want you to see this letter...
Because with it, you'll uncover no less than 139 ways for your business to legally pay less tax.
Here are the first five (for example)...
  • The 22 little known allowances that you could deduct so you pay less tax
  • The 7 expenses you incur for legal activities that you can claim deductions on
  • A 3-point checklist that guarantees the repairs you make to your office, machinery or tools will qualify as a deduction
  • The 3 ways to deduct your bad debts
  • Seven expenses to always include in your travel claim to maximise your tax savings
But wait.
Deductions aren't the only way to reduce your tax bill. Here's another completely legal strategy...


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139 reasons why SARS doesn't want you to see this...
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