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6 record-keeping tips to avoid paying penalties to SARS

by , 16 February 2016
You can very easily lose a dispute with SARS simply because of inaccurate record keeping.

Make sure this NEVER happens to you!

Use the following 6 record-keeping tips to avoid paying penalties...


You can only claim deductions if you have valid proof of your deductions.

ALL invoices issued to you can reduce your tax, so if you lose any of them you'll end up paying more tax than you legally have to.


Make sure you claim ALL deductions you're entitled to.

Without invoices, you'll easily overlook certain expenses which you've incurred.

Keep a record of EVERY expense, EVEN if you're not sure it's tax deductible.

Save your business from penalties by being an instant audit expert!
With penalties as high as 200%, you can't afford to stay in the dark about the auditing process. You need to know your rights, your responsibilities and obligations, and you need to know them before it's too late…
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Determine the amounts you pay towards salaries or wages.

Keep proof such as wage registers, proof of payment, proof of employment, copies of identity documents of casual employees,
acknowledgements of the receipt of payments and amounts.

If you keep all of this, you can claim all amounts paid for salaries and wages, ESPECIALLY casual wages and wages paid in cash.


Make sure you can fully explain the amounts you declare in your tax returns.

SARS will question the accuracy of your declarations if you're unable to support them with evidence. And if you can't prove any deductions you've claimed, then SARS will question the validity of ALL your claims!


Ensure you're in a position to prove your declarations, as this will improve your relationship with SARS, leading to trust and a reduction in unnecessary queries from their side, saving time performing audits.


If you keep accurate records, your business will be able run smoothly.
*Check out a great checklist on how long you must keep each record by turning to chapter R01: Record Keeping in your Practical Tax Loose Leaf Service handbook.

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6 record-keeping tips to avoid paying penalties to SARS
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