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Are you a provisional taxpayer or not? Find out here

by , 21 September 2015
If you're a provisional taxpayer then you make provisional payments during the tax year. This is based on your estimated taxable income.

You will pay your annual tax liability in instalments.

In the past, you HAD to be a provisional taxpayer. But things have changed.

So read on and find out who is and who isn't a provisional taxpayer.

Provisional taxpayers

Provisional taxpayers constitute:

·         Anyone who earns income from a source other than a formal job;
·         All companies;
·         Those who earn more than R20 000 in taxable income on interest or dividends on investments. It can also be income from renting properties or running a private business. All of this qualifies for provisional tax.

Do you...

1.    Structure your salary to pay less tax?
2.    Claim tax deductions on your expenses?
3.    Rely on your accountant or tax consultant to do your taxes?
4.    Charge Vat?
5.    Pay tax provisionally?

If so, then you're just another one of several companies that could be committing financial suicide.
Non-provisional taxpayers

Those who are not provisional taxpayers include:

·         Those who are younger than 65 on the last day of the tax year and don't have any business income. But only if your taxable income is less than the threshold per year and if your taxable income from interest, dividends and rent from properties is less than R20 000 per year.

·         Those who are 65 or older on the last day of the tax year and their taxable income is less than R120 000 for the year. Also, the income mustn't be in the form of business income and it mustn't come from any other form other than remuneration, interest, property rental or dividends.
Because some are no longer provisional taxpayers, their remuneration now falls under PAYE.

So, there's what you need to know about provisional and non-provisional taxpayers.

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Are you a provisional taxpayer or not? Find out here
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