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Are you one of the 87 565 NPOs in breach of the NPO Act? Comply or face deregistration

by , 28 July 2015
Every year thousands of NPOs fail to comply with the the NPO Act. President Jacob Zuma's first wife registered the Sizakele MaKhumalo-Zuma Foundation. But since they've registered in 2014, they've failed to submit any financial reports.

As an NPO you must submit annual financial reports to ensure transparency. If you don't you'll be deregistered.

One of the many reasons NPOs don't comply is because they don't completely understand how and what they need to do to comply with the Act.

Read on to learn how to register your NPO correctly and what financial records you need in order to comply with the NPO Act.

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How to register a NPO company
You need to comply with the following to correctly register your NPO:

  • Your NPO's name;
  • Your NPO's main objective and purpose;
  • The powers of your organisation;
  • Rules for meetings and to conduct meetings;
  • Provide your NPO's financial transactions; and
  • Determine your financial year end.

The certificate of registration is your proof that your NPO is registered.

Read on what you need to comply with the NPO Act.

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• The format of:

- Your pre-adjusted, adjusted and post-closing trial balance;
- Your income statement and what each of the components are;
- Your 100% correct balance sheet;

• Why you need financial statements;
• Your legal accounting reporting obligations; and
• Users of information from the balance sheet.

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To remain registered you need to do the following:

  • Show the registration number on all documents;
  • Keep all supporting documents and financial statements;
  • You need to draw up financial statements that include: income statement, expenditure and balance sheet. If you're not sure how to do this click here to learn All About Financial Statements. You'll have a trial balance, income statement and balance sheet prepared professionally, fairly quickly and with minimum energy!
  • An accounting officer needs to check your financial statements are correct and consistent with your accounting records; and
  • Within nine months of the end of your NPO's financial year you need to submit financial statements and your accounting officer's report.

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Are you one of the 87 565 NPOs in breach of the NPO Act? Comply or face deregistration
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