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Are you sure you're claiming input tax on the correct office expenses?

by , 20 August 2015
Every business has office expenses. But most businesses aren't sure what SARS allows when claiming input tax on these.

So how sure are you that you're claiming Vat on the correct office expenses?

Don't leave it to chance and second guess yourself. If you don't claim you could miss out on an input tax deduction. But if you claim when you shouldn't, you'll face an audit from SARS.

Read on as I give you the general rule when to claim, and which office expenses you can claim input tax on.

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Can you really afford not to be 100% sure about every input tax claim you submit?

Most Vat vendors make one of two big mistakes when claiming their input tax.
They either:

  1. Don't know about certain input tax deductions which SARS allows, and then lose out on important cash flow savings for the business; or
  2. Claim when they shouldn't and face SARS penalties and assessments!

Don't make the same mistake. Here's how to be 100% sure about all your input tax claims

The general rule to claiming input tax on your office expenses

Ask yourself: Does it relate to the running of my business?

Generally, you can claim input tax on your office expenses when it meets these two criteria:
  • The expense and input tax relate to the running of your business; and
  • The expense is for taxable supplies i.e. at 14% or 0%.

Let's look at what you can claim input tax on.

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14 Office expenses you can claim input tax on

  1. Plants, flowers and art works for the business premises;
  2. Flowers you send to staff if they're off sick or in hospital;
  3. Stationery;
  4. Office furniture and fittings;
  5. Telephone expenses;
  6. Advertising your services such as putting your company sign outside your building, or newspaper advertisements;
  7. Cleaning and toilet materials;
  8. Postage and courier charges;
  9. Doctor's bills and medication where your company pays for sick staff;
  10. Internet costs;
  11. Computers and iPads;
  12. Fees or subscriptions you pay for membership to a professional body; 
  13. When you reimburse your employee for costs relating to the carrying on of your enterprise, such as cell phone bills, parking and first aid kits; and
  14. If you reimburse an employee for calls he made on his personal cell phone on behalf of the business, get a copy of the cell phone account and claim the Vat on business calls.
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