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Before you let SARS near your financial records, always ask for this ONE thing

by , 22 August 2014
SARS has a lot of power, but that doesn't mean it can do whatever it likes. It still has to follow the rules and you must ensure it does.

That's why before you send SARS any of your financial documents you must ensure it communicates with you first.

Otherwise, it may take advantage of you and not follow the rules that govern it. So protect your rights as a taxpayer and demand that SARS sends you this before you give it any of your documents...


This is the one thing you must demand from SARS before you give it access to your financial records

Under the Vat and Income Tax Laws, only a SARS inspector who has authorisation can do an audit on behalf of the Commissioner.
To protect your rights, you must demand a letter of authorisation before you allow the inspector on your premise and give him access to your documents. 
Without this letter (or court document), the auditors may not audit your business!
But don't worry, if you forget to do this, you still have recourse.
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You have this recourse if you forget to ask SARS for an authorisation letter

During a recent court case, it turned out that an auditor demanded documents from a business owner, who forgot his rights and handed over the documents. 
In court, the auditor suddenly produces his authorisation letter but with important information missing. 
The court ruling was that, even though the taxpayer was ignorant of his rights, the Commissioner and the auditors acted contrary to the law. The court ordered SARS to return the seized documents.
So if you fail to ask SARS for an authorisation letter, the law still protects you. But it's better to bypass this whole legal mess and demand the auditors hand over an authorisation letter first.

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Before you let SARS near your financial records, always ask for this ONE thing
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