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Did you know: SARS can refuse to give you a Tax Clearance Certificate

by , 21 May 2015
SARS give you a Tax Clearance Certifiate (TCC) to validate your status as a tax payer and confirm all your tax affairs are in order at the date of issue of the certificate.

If you don't have one, you won't be able to attract new business or win new tenders. You must get a new TCC every year.

But, when you do, you could be confronted with the situation where SARS won't give you your TCC.

Here are the possible reasons this could happen...

SARS will reject your TCC application if:

• Your forms are incorrect. You must apply for a TCC on the correct application form (Section 256 of the new Tax Administration Act);

• Your Vat payments are misallocated and it seems you owe SARS money when you actually don't. So make sure you register for eFiling so you can check your Vat account is up-to-date and the payments you made were allocated correctly;

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• You pay late. SARS informs you of penalties owing on your account;

• You owe SARS more than R1 000;  

• Your returns are outstanding – unless you've made an arrangement acceptable to SARS;

• You're not registered for Income Tax; and/or

• You have a tax debt that has been suspended pending objection or appeal.

Make sure none of these happens and that you've addressed any shortcomings in any of these areas, before you apply for a Tax Clearance Certificate

Note that if SARS rejects your application, you'll receive an email/fax/letter stating SARS declined your application.

Contact the local SARS branch or the SARS Contact Centre at telephone number 0800 00 SARS (7277) to find out why your application for a TCC was declined.

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Did you know: SARS can refuse to give you a Tax Clearance Certificate
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