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Did you know: SARS' eFiling and e@syFile are two different things? Here's how they differ

by , 16 October 2014
You know about SARS' eFiling and you've probably heard about its e@syFile programme. But did you know that these are actually two completely separate programmes?

Many taxpayers make the mistake of thinking that e@syFile is just another version of eFiling. But it's not.

They work independently and offer you different advantages.

Here's how they differ and how they can both benefit your company...


Here's how SARS' eFiling and e@syFile differ

eFiling is an online programme that you need an account with. It's like a form of social media where you share information and communicate with SARS officers easily. 
It makes completing your tax return easier by making submissions completely digital.
e@syFile, on the other hand, is a programme you download onto your computer. You don't even need the Internet to use e@syFile once you download it. 
As the name suggests, e@syFile makes it easy to file all your various tax documents into one place. It acts as a tax management system so you can collect all your important tax information throughout the year so that when tax season arrives, it's all ready and waiting for you.
 Here's how these two programmes can benefit your company.
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Use eFiling and e@syFile together to reap this benefit

The big benefit of e@syFile is that you can get all your tax documents sorted and then sync them with your eFiling account.
Then simply hit the submit button in eFiling and you're done. 
These two programmes, when you use them together, can cut the time you spend completing your company's tax return in half. 
So use SARS' eFiling and e@syFile together to reap the full benefit of both programmes.
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Did you know: SARS' eFiling and e@syFile are two different things? Here's how they differ
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